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Midnight Hour

Long since the veil of Nyx Was drawn across the vestiges of day When what is, became what was Cloaking indiscretions past The solemn  hours steal memories Intrude upon form and fantasy Soften and shape the world Hiding the worst … Continue reading

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December 31, 2019, 8:50 PM I love the silence.  The TV is on, but I don’t really hear it. It is only on because it is the last night of the year, and at some point, this year will end … Continue reading

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Yesterday is gone, save for the memories.  Select only the best and carry them with you always.  They will sustain you. Today is like clay to the potter. It will be of your creation.   Choose wisely.  Shape it with … Continue reading

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Sights Of The Season

Wow, where did the time go.  Seems like I just got here and already it is time to leave.  Oops, I think I just made a pun.  I guess a little humor doesn’t hurt, especially when your future is a … Continue reading

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The Old School

  It is quiet now as I sit here looking around, surrounded by history.  It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I am taking a turn as a volunteer guide at the old Dry Mills One Room Schoolhouse.  It is … Continue reading

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I have heard it said that life is a journey, and I guess it is.  Personally, I like to think of it as a stroll through fields of experiences and forests of emotions, with the body providing the means, and … Continue reading

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Moments In Time

Fifty two years ago yesterday I went bowling.  Why does that stick in my mind.  Well, it could be because my only brother, whom I hadn’t seen for about 10 years was in town.  He was to be the best … Continue reading

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Originally posted on oldmainer:
A few years ago, we moved back to a little town in southern Maine, not too far from the old mill towns of Lewiston and Auburn.  I have visited the area often and am fascinated by the old…

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Mr Lynch

Richard moved quickly down the dark sidewalk, carrying his bag of candy, collected from several houses on his block.  It was Halloween, and as with any nine year old, he was on a mission to hit as many houses as … Continue reading

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Going Home

I am reposting this blog entry because, thanks to my friend, lauri27wsmith, I have been made aware of a song that so perfectly reflects what I am trying to say.  It is called “The Old House” by John Mcdermott.  I … Continue reading

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