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Tomorrow is the place I’ll beTwo days after yesterdayOne day from where I am Time it seems a cadence hasFor what is and for what wasLife a metered stroke So where do I want to liveWhere I was or where … Continue reading

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After living yesterdayWhere life has now passed awayAnd time lived was just time spent Nothing there to save With a new day, and a new dawnDiscard an old time since withdrawnGrasp the new or trust the oldWhat should I believe … Continue reading

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And after all is said and doneWhen everything that was begunWhen all the battles lost or wonAre left for me to live And after all the stress and strifeWhen all the things that touch my lifeWhen acts of violence run … Continue reading

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When I’m Afraid

When I’m afraidShrouded by the days I’ve seenCaptured where my thoughts conveneShrinking from the morn When I’m afraidAgain facing ghosts unknownWondering if just I aloneHarbor silent fears When I’m afraidDark thoughts prevail My insecurities assailImagination soars When I’m afraidOft wrapped … Continue reading

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If I Had But One Wish

If I had but one wish, what would it beWhat would be the thing that belonged to meHow would I capture something that I feelWhat would I want this moment to reveal What would I want to commit toWhat is … Continue reading

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And when the door swung wide In the lustrous light stood a child Come, leave the darkness she said Cross over, join me in the light Your journey does not end here It simply changes form The you that you … Continue reading

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Poetry 101

When I started writing my blog back around 2012, I was focused mostly on poetry.  I had been a contributor to another website that was purely into poetry and had contests, which whetted my appetite for the genre.   We … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Girl

I cherish the perfection laid before me The innocence of my sleeping child Auburn hair, draped upon her pillow Lollipops and candy canes Frolic in technicolor dreams In her world of make believe I dare not deny I am her … Continue reading

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Written Gifts

Staring, anxiousDesperate to createIn the voidThoughts tumble, defy definition Words, tangledSort them, bend them Place them Change, discard Again, start againThink, scribeYes, yes, that is itSculpted lines Fly, take wingSing of meScatter on the windWithout discretion My gift, humbleOffered, GivenMy rewardAcceptance

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Guitars and Barstools

Another night, another townLike those I’ve left behindHonky tonks and cheap hotelsAnd girls that are inclined To drink your whiskey, tell you liesLaugh at all your jokesDance real close, head on your shoulderTrying hard to coax Another drink, another dollarTil … Continue reading

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