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In A Darkened Room

In a darkened room Where movement is But heard or felt Contact incidental Sounds without shape See only with our minds In a darkened room All are the same Bodies without bias Opinions vetted Ideas exchanged Between unseen sources In … Continue reading

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The Funeral

I have to go to a funeral next week.  I don’t want to go, but then, who, if they had a choice, would want to attend one.  It is not that it is sad, per se, which it is.  It … Continue reading

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Nobody Else Does It

Each morning while reading the paper, I am compelled to check out the Charlie Brown comic strip.  I have always liked it because there is so much reality tucked into it.  The attitudes, activities, and emotions are pulled from real … Continue reading

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Have It Your Way

I spent several years working for a corporation in customer service related roles, so I am probably more sensitive to and critical of poor customer skills.  I was reminded of this again earlier today.  I had been analyzing my IRA … Continue reading

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Problem Solved

You know, it seems like the two biggest problems facing the United States today are the lagging economy, and immigration.  So I got to thinking, which, if history is any indicator, can be a dangerous thing.  Our government seems to … Continue reading

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Her Horn Went Beep Beep Beep

While riding in my Cadillac What to my surprise A little Nash Rambler was following me About one third my size The guy musta wanted to pass me up As he kept on tooting his horn I’m sure some of … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

I stepped out on the front porch with my mother.  She turned briefly and made sure the door was locked before we, together, made our way down the steps.  It was a beautiful summer day, but I hadn’t noticed.  Actually, … Continue reading

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