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Where Were You?

I was playing cribbage with a resident at the nursing home today, during which, as usual, we chatted about anything and everything.  During the conversation, he mentioned that years ago he worked as a short order cook in a bowling … Continue reading

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R olling down a grassy slope E ducing screams of pure delight M aking pies composed of mud E recting castles in the sand M agic puddles lure small feet B ugs of all design examine E nergy without remission … Continue reading

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As I read this, I find it amusing in a way.  At the end, I will tell you why. What is time?  Is it some bold demon which rushes us around, forever pushing and shoving us unrelentlessly?  Something to be … Continue reading

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Fifty Cent Memories

Sitting on the back steps, I could hear the music, and when it got dark, I could see the lights.  Actually, I could see their glow in the sky above the trees.  To a little boy, it was a magical … Continue reading

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In my mind there is a box that no one ever sees It contains my treasures, it holds my memories Often I will look inside and I will taste again Something that I once had done, or someplace I have been … Continue reading

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The Value Of A Moment

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory Dr. Suess I was going through my file of blog posts the other day, and it occurred to me that I tend to write … Continue reading

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The American Dream

Windowless facades gape With saddened eyes Cracked sidewalks Hopscotch and hope Remnants of yesterday Once vibrant streets vacant Life but whispers on the wind Weed filled lots Host rusted skeletons That slumber there  Trees, like old friends Embrace the decay … Continue reading

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