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Lookin’ For Santa Paws

Over the years, I have mentally divided the population into two groups.  Those that love animals, and everyone else.  And among those that do, I have had the pleasure of meeting many that I call Animal Angels.  The people that … Continue reading

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Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days when we strolled through the heather Gone is the laughter we shared Back when our days were spent most together Back when for each other we cared Time was cruel when it played with our heartstrings … Continue reading

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Please Just Say Something

Please, just say something I can’t stand the silence Yell at me, anything But please don’t just sit there I was going to tell you That’s a lie, I wasn’t I didn’t want to hurt you That’s just an excuse, … Continue reading

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“Good morning Mr Nelson” the nurse says cheerily to the old man sitting in the wheelchair.  “Would you two like me to open the drapes and let a little sun shine in?  It’s another beautiful day.” “Yes, yes, please do.  … Continue reading

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Walk With Me

In the magic of the morning When the day is yet to be When the sun has just awoken Walk with me Through the days that I am given While I dream of what might be Will you join my … Continue reading

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Broken Pieces

A love Shattered Irreparable Abandoned A life Set adrift Mournful Hollow A yesterday Surrendered Cast aside Forsaken A today Cold and silent Surrounded by Broken pieces

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Chasing My Heart

Like a sapling Is the heart Responding to the winds That dictate it’s direction An awakening Tangled emotions Senses explored Emotions unfurled Reaching out To touch love Chasing my heart To capture yours

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