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About Face

Monday was a ‘feeling out’ day. Maine went mask-less on May 24th, and I for one was ready. However, just because our Gov said it was OK, with reservations of course, didn’t mean that every business, and/or person, had signed … Continue reading

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Daisy Claus

When I was just a little guy And Christmas time grew near Each day my excitement grew But my Mother made it clear Santa Claus would only come To houses with good boys If I didn’t do my chores I … Continue reading

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The Challenge

The old man sat in his chair, a book in his lap, but mostly dozing in the silence of the room.  It was his room, since he had come to live with his son and daughter in law.  It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Oh What A Night

I live in a little town in southern Maine with a population somewhere in the range of 9000.  As such, although they don’t roll the sidewalks up at nine o’clock, it is a pretty safe bet that if there are … Continue reading

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Where Did It Go?

Where did it go  When did it end How did it happen My childhood transcend Catch snow on my tongue Stick ball in the street Go gigging for frogs Skin my knees on concrete Sneak a pea shooter Into the … Continue reading

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