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The Great Divide

I just got a new cell phone.  Another one.  Not that I needed it.  It’s just that, well, it was a good price, there was no contract, and it would cost me less per year then the old one. Oh, … Continue reading

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Caution Chipmunk Crossing

I admit that I am an animal lover.  Ever since as a little boy when bringing home a baby squirrel (briefly), I have been fond of our furry friends.  As such, whenever I see a story about an animal, I … Continue reading

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It’s The Little Things

Since it seems to be important that everything has a label anymore, I have a question.  How do you define old?  When you look at something or someone, what drives your decision to label it or them “old”.  I guess … Continue reading

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Playing Chicken

Why did the chicken cross the road?  Do you know?  Me neither, and apparently neither did anyone else.  For years this question has haunted us and even our most vaunted scholars could only venture a guess.  But now, the answer … Continue reading

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Every Dog Should Own A Person

I don’t know when I first realized that I was not in charge.  It wasn’t long after we brought home the first puppy.  She was so cute, so helpless.  As any proud new parents would do, we fawned over her. … Continue reading

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Getting Stoned

I had a friend that was fond of saying “there are two ways to tell you are getting old.  First, you begin to lose your memory, and I can’t remember the second one”.  I used to think that was funny, … Continue reading

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Driving To Distraction

My wife and I were in the car together this morning when we came upon a major traffic snarl.  You are probably thinking “he’s got to be kidding. Rush hour in Gray Maine is like the line at the Dunkin … Continue reading

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One, Two, Tree

The last time we had a live Christmas tree was when we lived in Kansas.  That would have been in the early 1980’s.  We bought a 5 bedroom house, not because we needed one, but because, with high interest rates, … Continue reading

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Hi! My Name Is—— And I’m Here To

How many people does it take to perform a one hour day surgery operation?  Well, if my experience yesterday is any indication, the number hovers around an even dozen, not counting the information desk and the parking attendant.  It seems … Continue reading

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The Art of Paying Attention

The title indicates that I think paying attention is an art, and I do.  It is also one that although practiced, is seldom perfected.  I know I struggle with it.  I have a tendency to mentally skip ahead in a  … Continue reading

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