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Tellin Tales

How many times can you remember someone deciding they had to share some juicy tidbit about someone else?  Probably more times then you would like.  Although I suspect every one of us is guilty to some degree, it does seem … Continue reading

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Marriage Revisited

Since I have been writing this blog, and given the longevity of my marriage, I have on occasion penned some personal observations, instructions, and warnings relative to the quest for marital bliss, or as I call it, survival.  I have … Continue reading

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No Good Deed

Over the years I have heard the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” on multiple occasions.  It, unfortunately, appears to be somewhat accurate.  I know that I have been confronted with situations that left me shaking my head thinking “what … Continue reading

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The Days Of Wine And Noses

I don’t remember when I had my first sip of wine, but I do remember that it was not favorable.  It was dry and tart.  Not at all what I would expect from a respectable grape.  But, as young men … Continue reading

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Good Times Are Brewing

I am a beer drinker. Not excessively.  I have a two drink limit, and then only if I am near a bathroom.  I prefer the malty, lightly hopped, smooth winter varieties like Sam Adams Octoberfest, but I have never turned … Continue reading

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Temptation, Thy Name Is QVC

Someone much wiser then I once said “I can resist anything except temptation”.  It was probably a woman, but hey, I think it is probably a unisex thing.  At least, it is in my household.  While putzing around the house … Continue reading

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This Is My Annual Tribute To Thanksgiving Who brought the Spam to the first Thanksgiving? The Pilgrims brought the Spam I think The Indian’s brought something to drink Though history books do not repeat it There’s more to do with … Continue reading

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