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Nature’s Haiku

When the sun anoints The smallest of Natures gifts New beauty is found

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Summer Haiku

Whispers in the air Breezes, softly touch my face Embraced by summer

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Front Porch Haiku

  Front porch imagery Watching life beyond the rails Savoring the day

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Flowers Lament Haiku

Snow again they said A white blanket on their head In their flower bed

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Spring Haiku

Such a little thing Small red buds upon a twig Springtime has begun

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Frosty Morn Haiku

Wood smoke scents the air Brown leaves skitter to the ground Autumn takes a bow  

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Wish Haiku

Oh but that I could Shine a light on just one face Bring to it a smile Photo property of TimesofIndia.IndiaTimes.com Photographer: Ankita Rajeshwari    

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Golden Haiku

Autumn raining down Foliage adorns my yard Turning lawn to gold The birches are always the first to go.¬† The oaks and maples won’t be far behind.

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Autumn Haiku

 Birches always first To grasp the hand of Autumn Flaunt their leaves of gold

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Harmony Haiku

From the earth a vine Rises to embrace the tree Arms around each other  

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