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When I’m Afraid

When I’m afraidShrouded by the days I’ve seenCaptured where my thoughts conveneShrinking from the morn When I’m afraidAgain facing ghosts unknownWondering if just I aloneHarbor silent fears When I’m afraidDark thoughts prevail My insecurities assailImagination soars When I’m afraidOft wrapped … Continue reading

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Not again he thought silently, slightly shaking his head as if warning them off.  Sounds, unintelligible, always lurking just beyond comprehension.  ‘Leave me alone’ he thought.  I already have enough problems without you adding to them. “What do you want”?  … Continue reading

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From Whence We Came

I borrowed this photo from G.P. Cox’s “Pacific Paratrooper” blog because I could not just pass it by.  It just said too much.  We can focus on the “why” if we must.  But I instead would prefer to focus on … Continue reading

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Easter Is Not In Stores

I am not an outwardly religious man. I’m not demonstrable when it comes to my faith, my beliefs.  I in fact do not attend church.  Haven’t for years.  I have traded the congregation for personal worship.  So, when the churches … Continue reading

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And as he closed the door On an outer world Infused with doubt and fear He turned to look anew Upon what now remained Within this edifice This wooden womb Exists his survival Alone among millions Surrounded by none But … Continue reading

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So here I am.  Hunkered down in my home, patrolling the parameter from inside.  Making sure that no one, NO ONE, even the mailman or UPS guy is able to scale the parapets.  I am secure.  I am vigilant.  And, … Continue reading

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Sunday Silence

It is Sunday morning and I am sitting here, on the computer, looking for something to do.  I have made the bed, taken my shower, unloaded the dishwasher, read the paper, prepared some leftovers from last night for the freezer, … Continue reading

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Will You Take Me There

I was lost within my life, I could not find my way My days had no direction, my path had gone astray I dreaded my tomorrows, with disdain I viewed my past Each time I tried to rise above, my … Continue reading

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The Tinkle Of The Bell

It is the Christmas season, there is no time to stop There aren’t that many more days that we have left to shop We make sure we have presents for those we love so well Unlike those that are now … Continue reading

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Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth Pray that there will come a day Evil will have gone away All of us will live in peace Conflict in the world will cease Everyone in freedom live Opponents for their acts forgive Negativity release Extend … Continue reading

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