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Have It Your Way

I spent several years working for a corporation in customer service related roles, so I am probably more sensitive to and critical of poor customer skills.  I was reminded of this again earlier today.  I had been analyzing my IRA … Continue reading

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I saw a video on CBS Sunday morning news last week that described studies that have recently been done on friendship, and it’s importance in our lives. Basically, they performed some tests which were done alone and then done again … Continue reading

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First They Have To Like You

Did you ever wonder why so many public speakers start their presentation with a joke or funny story.  Nope, neither did I.  But as one that spent his early career trying to avoid addressing a room full of people, I … Continue reading

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Saying It Forward

I read with some enthusiasm this morning the Kindness Blog, in which a challenge was issued.  Specifically, for one year, to consciously think about what you are going to say before you say it to give yourself the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Both Sides Of The Ball

I was reading the sports pages yesterday morning when I came across an interview with a third year NFL player who had been drafted out of college as a defensive line backer.  The interesting thing about him was, up until … Continue reading

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The Lie

Such a little thing Strung between two hearts Concealed in silence That which is unknown cannot hurt Not both at least Just one heart stricken It will not stay silent It will be heard Then two hearts broken Scars heal … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

Well, I have finally arrived at a decision, or perhaps more accurately, a conclusion. When I first started this blog, I incorporated all my  verbal meanderings to include my attempts at poetry in Old-Mainer.  However, after a while, it appeared … Continue reading

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Things My Dogs Have Taught Me

I have always had dogs, often more then one at a time.  As such, I have had a lot of time to observe them and come to understand them better.  There is a oneness between us. Mostly because I have … Continue reading

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Snarkology definition…The ability to speak in a sarcastic or mocking manner, sometimes also referred to as a left handed compliment or a zinger. Never heard this word before??  Not surprising.  I made it up.  I like it because it covers … Continue reading

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Voice To Voice

I don’t own a smart phone.  In fact, there is not much about my life that is smart, except perhaps my wife.  I am happy just making and receiving calls.  Kind of a unique use for a phone I’ll have … Continue reading

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