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White Roses

Satin petals Pure as angels gowns Fresh from bloom Open shyly Reign majestically Atop willowy stems Seducing the eye Inviting the touch Fragrant notes Subtle bouquet Tease the mind Permeate our soul Delight our senses Celebrate the rose     … Continue reading

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Restless breezes Trip haplessly through fruited boughs Pregnant with life Fostered by a fertile Spring Silvan ripples Peek impishly Amid stones polished By tide and time Before returning To a matronly sea Redolent flora Rich in color and cast Sway … Continue reading

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Compliments Of Mother Nature

If any of you follow Laurie Smith’s blog laurie27wsmith.wordpress.com, you have been treated to many original photos that he has taken depicting the flora, birds, and wildlife native to Australia.  It was with that in mind that I offer you … Continue reading

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Playing hide and seek with Summer Autumns arrogance displayed Staking claim to all it covets September settles on the glade A new palate is presented Colors of more rustic shade Bold strokes that transform the treetops Autumns entrance has been … Continue reading

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Come, Walk With Me

I glance at my watch.  9:30 A.M.   Stepping outside, I am met by a beautiful morning as I begin my morning walk.  I am enveloped by sun and silence broken only by the sound of my own steps.  Motion, but … Continue reading

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In Barren Fields

In barren fields where once was grown Golden wheat in springtime sown Still stands the barn from long ago The ravages of years it’s foe For seasons of neglect atone The whims of natures force are shown Within it’s walls … Continue reading

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I Believe

Although I wouldn’t want to be a child again, I wish that I had their vision.  I guess when a lot of what you see is being seen for the first time, it is worthy of closer examination and scrutiny.  … Continue reading

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