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No, We Didn’t Have That

Due in large part to the eclectic mix of friends I have collected, I am frequently the recipient of a variety of media via text and email. Contained within have been a few examples of all the stuff the younger … Continue reading

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Cycle of Life

The rains came, as they always did. Prickly wet fingers, beating a staccato rhythm loudly upon the galvanized tin roof of the shack.  Rivulets of mud transforming the previously dusty road into an impassible bog.  Outside the shack, all signs … Continue reading

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My World

My wife used to be fond of saying of me “you live in a world all your own”, and she was right. Of course, she always was.  It is said that the woman always gets the last word.  Anything you … Continue reading

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Cycle Of Life

As you go through life, your perspectives on almost everything will change.  How you define success will change as well.  At age 4 success is not peeing in your pants At age 12 success is having friends At age 16 … Continue reading

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Age Is Just A Number

It is said age is just a number and it is usually said by someone that has a lot of them.  I guess it is just one of the phases we all go through.  When you were a kid, you … Continue reading

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Embrace The Aha Moments

Well, here we are, January 1, 2016, staring down the barrel of another year.  The time when we make all those resolutions, again.  Someone once said that resolutions are something that goes in one year and out the other.  I … Continue reading

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Getting Stoned

I had a friend that was fond of saying “there are two ways to tell you are getting old.  First, you begin to lose your memory, and I can’t remember the second one”.  I used to think that was funny, … Continue reading

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Old Is As Old Does

Recently a young friend of mine was lamenting about the old cycle she rides to school. She said her classmates make fun of her because of it. Perception, it seems, matters more then function.   It brought to mind when … Continue reading

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In Barren Fields

In barren fields where once was grown Golden wheat in springtime sown Still stands the barn from long ago The ravages of years it’s foe For seasons of neglect atone The whims of natures force are shown Within it’s walls … Continue reading

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Walking Alone

Maybe it’s because I am well into my years that I pay more attention to those that are aging around me.  Like trying on a suit and deciding how it fits and if you are comfortable in it. I see … Continue reading

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