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As I read this, I find it amusing in a way.  At the end, I will tell you why. What is time?  Is it some bold demon which rushes us around, forever pushing and shoving us unrelentlessly?  Something to be … Continue reading

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Spring Is In The Air

Ah, it’s that time of year again when the days get a little warmer, the trees begin to show their buds, and the early flowers start to push up through the ground.  It is also the time when the sap … Continue reading

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But Now I See

Originally posted on oldmainer:
A while ago, my wife and I were going through a closet, cleaning out some stuff we never use.  Among the items were some stuffed animals that had sat on the shelf for years which I…

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Coming Clean

When I was a very young boy, we lived in a house with a detached garage out back.  Behind that garage was a tree that, unlike others, had a magnetic pull.  By that I mean, just being near it made … Continue reading

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Too Late To Be Scared

My involvement in youth today has been reduced to a spectator sport.  So many years have passed since I was one that it seems kind of speculative that I was ever in the game.  When I think back to those … Continue reading

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Raising The Bar

In my younger days, I’ll have to admit that I spent my fair share of time in establishments serving “alternative beverages.  We used to call them bars, and some of them were pretty shabby.  But after imbibing for a while, … Continue reading

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Duck and Run

A week or so ago, I was driving past Crystal Lake and was treated to the sight of a flock of Canadian Geese resting on their annual trip to wherever Canadian Geese make their annual trip to.  I have never … Continue reading

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