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Looking Under The Words

I am relatively new to the writing scene, having started only within the last six years or so . I have always liked to write, but never either had the time or inclination over the years to actually commit my … Continue reading

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As I read this, I find it amusing in a way.  At the end, I will tell you why. What is time?  Is it some bold demon which rushes us around, forever pushing and shoving us unrelentlessly?  Something to be … Continue reading

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My eyes are closed, but not my mind I cannot leave my thought behind The shadow of a poem is there It’s essence drifting through the air Slowly words new lines become To elusive verse I must succumb Select, arrange, … Continue reading

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Look Both Ways

When I started writing a couple of years ago, I thought it would be easy, and to some degree it was.  Initially thoughts and subjects were plentiful and soon I was publishing poems, narratives, and opinion pieces with utter abandon, … Continue reading

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How DO You Spell Success

This morning when I signed into WordPress, I was surprised to be greeted by a Happy Anniversary message, commemorating three years of posts.  I was a little surprised because I had no idea I had been doing it that long.  … Continue reading

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A Thank You

Some time ago, I published a post that said that I would not be accepting any awards if they were ever offered, and in fact, have appreciated but turned down a couple since.  However, the other day I was nominated … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

Well, I have finally arrived at a decision, or perhaps more accurately, a conclusion. When I first started this blog, I incorporated all my  verbal meanderings to include my attempts at poetry in Old-Mainer.  However, after a while, it appeared … Continue reading

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