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Degrees of Reality

There was a time when, if someone I knew well, told me something, I would accept it on face value. I had no reason to believe it was not true, or at least accurate. There was no reason for this … Continue reading

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Written Gifts

Staring, anxiousDesperate to createIn the voidThoughts tumble, defy definition Words, tangledSort them, bend them Place them Change, discard Again, start againThink, scribeYes, yes, that is itSculpted lines Fly, take wingSing of meScatter on the windWithout discretion My gift, humbleOffered, GivenMy rewardAcceptance

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Our alphabet has twenty six All words use at least one And if we didn’t have them No writing would get done I’ve used them all forever Some often and some less But if I were to pick one It … Continue reading

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This One’s For Me

I have always enjoyed a good joke, and sadly, those that are not so good.  It seems that I have always had a casual relationship with humor.  Like a couple of buddies, we have always felt comfortable in each others … Continue reading

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The Butterfly

Another butterfly, colors dappled, enters, flying gracefully heavenward.  I just kneel, looking, mesmerized. Natures overture plays quietly.  Restless, suddenly thrusting upward, variegated wings exit, youthfully zooming. I wrote this years ago for a contest that required you to use all … Continue reading

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From The Archives

Those of you that follow my blog at all, even from a distance will note that I frequently republish a post ‘from the archives’.  I sometimes do this because the urge to write is suppressed by a lack of content.  … Continue reading

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The actor lives upon the stage With his voice, his tale conveys Reciting lines in mellow tones Captures all that hear The writer lives upon the page With his hand, his tale portrays Penning lines, each word he hones Seduce … Continue reading

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Is It Good Enough?

I can’t tell you how many times over the years that I have second guessed myself on something.  Often, they were not big things, but at the moment of decision, they were important to me.  I wish I had a … Continue reading

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Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures

So, what do you think?  Actually, how do you think?  I had never given that question much thought, or any at all for that matter, until, while reading an article, I was confronted with it.  Specifically, it asked if I … Continue reading

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Werd Gaems

Although I am still an advocate for the value of writing or receiving a hand written letter instead of a computer generated one, I’ve got to admit that the computer version makes me look a lot smarter then I am.  … Continue reading

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