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Chick Magnet

I’m fortunate that I found a girl to love me early on so that I was off the market by the age of 22.  I say this because I wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire in the area of … Continue reading

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The Trip

The man rose and stepped to the microphone to the sound of applause from his audience.  Looking randomly around the room he began speaking.  “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.  Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t … Continue reading

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Is It Just Me Or?

I think I may have mentioned this in a previous post.  I ordered some masks on EBay and within one day received a “your order has been shipped” message.  However, after several days, with no further activity, I decided to … Continue reading

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The Truth Be Known

The truth be known, at least to me Perceptions of reality My vision of this time and place All the beliefs that I embrace Hard held truths that I foresee I do not ask that you agree Subscribe to what … Continue reading

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When Old Is New

I have pretty much concluded that, at my age, a lot of today’s technology has kind of passed me by.  There is so much going on that I don’t understand at all.  For instance, I just saw an ad for … Continue reading

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Gettin By

Sittin on the front porch Suckin on a beer Feet up on the railing With a bag of Frito’s near The trees are full of squirrels With acorns on their mind And on the ground the chipmunk Eat whatever they … Continue reading

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As the sun moved slowly toward the heavens And mountains annulled the remnants of the night. The moon acknowledged entrance of the sunrise Brooks and streams babbled in the light But the people unaware, instead embraced fear Consumed by the … Continue reading

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Little Known Facts

I, probably not unlike you, receive a lot of email from friends and family that are jokes, funny stories, and interesting videos.  Most make me smile or laugh and frequently think of someone that would also enjoy them and forward … Continue reading

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I first ran into perspective in high school during a first year drafting class.  I was fascinated with it, forming two dimensional shapes emanating from a disappearing point.  Perhaps it was because it was the first time I ever drew … Continue reading

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You should always be a good sport Is a phrase we often use But of course to prove you are one I’m afraid you have to lose

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