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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again all my rabid readers. Kramer here with another installment of my blog. Well, my page actually. Bob still claims the blog is his. The past two weeks have not been particularly exciting, but they have been kind of … Continue reading

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Misty Morn

Though it surrounds me I cannot find today I am cloaked instead By a misty morn Gentle breakers kiss the pier Bell buoys peal forlornly Casting about in obscurity Searching A distant lighthouse responds It’s mesmeric cadence Beckons Boats tease … Continue reading

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Spring Haiku

Such a little thing Small red buds upon a twig Springtime has begun

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Winter Wonderland

  Walk across the frozen fields Inhale the frosty air Nap before a blazing fire Tall stories that we share Etching angels in the snow Reward the inner child   Wage a friendly snowball fight Obsess, let joy run wild … Continue reading

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Frosty Morn Haiku

Wood smoke scents the air Brown leaves skitter to the ground Autumn takes a bow  

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I awoke this morning to an overcast, rainy day.  Not unexpected.  They had been forecasting several inches, lasting throughout the day.  But what was interesting is how it set my mood.  The room remained in semi darkness, even though dawn … Continue reading

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Stormy Afternoon

I stand here in the semi darkness. Power went out about an hour ago. No surprise given the angry wind that grips and shakes the house. The only sound, the torrential rain. The incessant rain that assaults all that it … Continue reading

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Rainy Afternoon

Wet fingers tapping on my window Restless clouds tumble across the sky The wind freshens A new scent fills the air Melancholy pervades my being I retreat into solitary hours Spent in reflection Lost in myself Isolation hangs heavy Restraints … Continue reading

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How Cold Is It??

It is so cold that I put on my socks before going to the bathroom.

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Cold Snowy Night

Took the dogs out about midnight last night.  It had been snowing again. This time, it was the heavy wet stuff that sticks to the branches. Also the kind that knocks out your power. The dogs loved it though.  Both … Continue reading

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