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Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days when we strolled through the heather Gone is the laughter we shared Back when our days were spent most together Back when for each other we cared Time was cruel when it played with our heartstrings … Continue reading

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The House On Westley St

I don’t know how I happened upon it, but I did.¬† As so often happens, I was probably happily tapping away on my laptop when something of totally zero relevance caught my eye, and like a skiff catching an enticing … Continue reading

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Roads Traveled

This is a bit of nostalgia penned after driving some of the back roads of Maine and passing old farms, many no longer active. My thoughts took me to the days when they were still alive and times were both … Continue reading

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The American Dream

Windowless facades gape With saddened eyes Cracked sidewalks Hopscotch and hope Remnants of yesterday Once vibrant streets vacant Life but whispers on the wind Weed filled lots Host rusted skeletons That slumber there ¬†Trees, like old friends Embrace the decay … Continue reading

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