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Fractured Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, it’s told In a castle on a hill Lived a lonely Princess Alas, she lives there still It seems that her prince charming Left her to opine About her unrequited love Left dying on the vine … Continue reading

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Let Him Dig

Why is it that men, myself included, have so much trouble asking for assistance, or directions. For some reason, we seem to be missing a gene that precludes us from ever seeking advice. This is not to say we won’t … Continue reading

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Moving stealthily beside me My silhouette, but half of me Reflecting glances cast upon me This is all the other sees But just one side of me is showing Being that of left or right Creating incomplete conclusions The rest … Continue reading

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Through The Looking Glasses

I recently had my annual eye examination and, after some remedial laser surgery, had to get new glasses.  I go to Walmart ever since a previous experience with my optometrist resulted in me walking away from $500 worth of frames … Continue reading

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How Do I Love Me

Some time ago, I posted an entry called “Reflections” about what I see when I look in the mirror.  Ironically, shortly thereafter, a friend of mine sent me an email that addresses a similar subject. Apparently Dove, the maker of … Continue reading

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