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Life In The Fast Lane

When I retired, my life changed dramatically.  It didn’t get better or worse.  It just got different.  I had lived my whole adult life as a product of schedules, due dates, mental stress, meetings, and seminars.  I was never a … Continue reading

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I just got through reading a post in Good Time Stories called “Judging Others – A Biker’s Story”  It was all about perceptions based on the way a person looks.  How if a person visually does not live up to … Continue reading

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Am I Really Me?

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We recently received a letter from an insurance company revealing the existence of a dormant  policy in the name of my wife’s mother, long deceased.  They were attempting to find the next of kin or the funds would revert…

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Please share to show my pupils how far a photo can go (even if you don’t want it to!)

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Sharing this, because it seems an interesting lesson. I am teaching E-safety to my pupils at the moment and wanted to try a little experiment. Please share this photo and see how far it…

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All of us as writers, regardless of genre, have one thing in common.  We all have a love for words.  Regardless of whether we are writing a poem, a narrative, story, or book, we all share the same words.  We … Continue reading

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Dance Like No One Is Looking

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Every once in a while, someone will send me something that just makes my day.  This morning I got an email from a friend that contained a video from YouTube.  It said a lot without saying…

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Holiday Shopping

Originally posted on oldmainer:
I don’t consider myself a particularly aggressive sort, but there is something about the Holidays that sparks a sense of adventure in me.  I think of it as testing my metal against other shoppers, many much younger then…

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Winter Is All About Snowing How

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Well, it’s finally here.  After teasing us with a few dusting s of snow, we were still pretty bare here in Southern Maine through most of December.  Then, about ten o’clock Christmas morning, it began to snow.  Not…

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Yesterdays Hero

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I saw this picture recently of a crowd sitting in lawn chairs along a parade route.  In the background, a military formation is marching by carrying our flag.  Sadly, the only one standing in a show…

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Originally posted on Ink lings:
I see her sitting in her chair The wheels are locked in place My gaze is met by hollow eyes No expression on her face It’s clear she does not know me Nor does she…

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