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Through Others Eyes

I often see him sitting there as I wander through the park.  Always on the same bench, staring at the scene before him.  His face mostly without expression, never smiling or acknowledging a ventured wave or nod.  I wonder what thoughts … Continue reading

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Written Gifts

Staring, anxiousDesperate to createIn the voidThoughts tumble, defy definition Words, tangledSort them, bend them Place them Change, discard Again, start againThink, scribeYes, yes, that is itSculpted lines Fly, take wingSing of meScatter on the windWithout discretion My gift, humbleOffered, GivenMy rewardAcceptance

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Misty Morn

Though it surrounds me I cannot find today I am cloaked instead By a misty morn Gentle breakers kiss the pier Bell buoys peal forlornly Casting about in obscurity Searching A distant lighthouse responds It’s mesmeric cadence Beckons Boats tease … Continue reading

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Silence wraps itself around my senses Soundless visions tiptoe through my mind In my world, sound has been suspended I hear your voice only with my eyes Words are only shapes when they are spoken Taking form because of what I see … Continue reading

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Sing Me A Picture

Sing me a picture Paint me a song With shades and hues of verse Pale pastels for lyrics To color your words In shapes and patterns diverse Sing me a picture Paint me a song Dark pigments to accent the … Continue reading

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And as he closed the door On an outer world Infused with doubt and fear He turned to look anew Upon what now remained Within this edifice This wooden womb Exists his survival Alone among millions Surrounded by none But … Continue reading

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 I sit within a darkened room Scant light assaults my eyes Another day is spent and gone Moments beyond reprise Shadows of what now is gone Wash across my face Caressing me with memories That I alone embrace I taste … Continue reading

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Frosty Morn Haiku

Wood smoke scents the air Brown leaves skitter to the ground Autumn takes a bow  

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“What we look at is not as important as what we see” “Thank you. Thank you very much” Ed said to the young man in the hoodie that held open the pharmacy door as he drove his power chair through … Continue reading

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Night Walk

Rain slicked streets glistenNeath yellow stains of lightSilent save the splashOf random steel phaetonsMoving stealthily to or from Goddesses of the darkWait in the shadowsDressed to enticeStreet seductionPainted faces, pasted smiles Paradise CafeSentry of the cityNeon lightsCrackle, flickerSuggest safe harbor … Continue reading

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