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For Every Action

It has been a long and often dreary winter. For most of it, we were spared a lot of snow, but the cold and winds were biting. Plus, as is always the case, in the winter, our days end at … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again all my rabid readers. Kramer here with another installment of my blog. Well, my page actually. Bob still claims the blog is his. The past two weeks have not been particularly exciting, but they have been kind of … Continue reading

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A Matter Of Perspective

  I slid open the drapes that concealed the doors to the deck and looked out at what I termed a sorry excuse for a morning. It was ugly. A fog hung in the air only adding to the gloom. … Continue reading

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Cycle of Life

The rains came, as they always did. Prickly wet fingers, beating a staccato rhythm loudly upon the galvanized tin roof of the shack.  Rivulets of mud transforming the previously dusty road into an impassible bog.  Outside the shack, all signs … Continue reading

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Nature’s Haiku

When the sun anoints The smallest of Natures gifts New beauty is found

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Mason Jars

Stored upon old dusty shelves In the bosom of our home Await the bounty of last season Summers yield from fertile earth Through barren months sustain  

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Summer Haiku

Whispers in the air Breezes, softly touch my face Embraced by summer

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Spring Haiku

Such a little thing Small red buds upon a twig Springtime has begun

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You May Be A Mainer If

For years I have enjoyed Jeff Foxworthy’s predictions about whether or not you may be a redneck.  His wit allowed him to poke a little fun at those that populate the Southern climes of the states. I guess I thought … Continue reading

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Winter Rain

The winter winds sing To the teardrops of rain That cling to barren limbs Frozen boughs In cloaks of ice Whisper their displeasure Darkness descends Through solemn hours Life suspended, waiting A new sun smiles Crystals dance like gypsies The … Continue reading

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