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Saw This On My Way Home

Best Political Yard Sign Ever

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 Irony:  A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result. While reading the paper the other day, I came across an article announcing that the next in … Continue reading

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With These Hands

With these hands I can sow the seeds of wonder And harvest knowledge With these hands I can touch the world And create my universe With these hands I can catch a tear And offer comfort With these hands I … Continue reading

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My wife and I subscribe to the local Portland paper to include the Sunday edition.  I have to admit that I do not necessarially enjoy the paper for several reasons.  One is that most of what is contained I have … Continue reading

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Chopping Down The Beanstock

I can’t believe it is finally almost over.  I’m talking about the political holocaust that has been perpetrated upon us by the media.  It is 24/7 and there is nowhere to hide.  Each day the mailman brings me yet another … Continue reading

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Where Were You?

I was playing cribbage with a resident at the nursing home today, during which, as usual, we chatted about anything and everything.  During the conversation, he mentioned that years ago he worked as a short order cook in a bowling … Continue reading

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Congressional Conundrum

I am not a student of Congress, but it doesn’t take a very bright bulb to realize that it is broken.  The question is why, and, although I don’t believe that there is one end all, be all answer, I … Continue reading

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It’s US America

In another week, we here in the US will have an opportunity to  shape the role of both local and federal government when we go to the polls.  That is, assuming you go.  I hope you do because the only … Continue reading

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How Will I Know If The Best Man Wins?

“Ours is a problem in which deception has become organized and strong; where truth is poisoned at it’s source; one in which the skill of the shrewdest brains is devoted to misleading a bewildered people” Walter Lippmann 1889-1974 It’s a … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is

I  can’t believe it is that time again.  I mean, where did the time go?  Where did the warm summer days and cricket filled nights disappear to.  Of course we knew it was coming.  It always does, just like clockwork.  … Continue reading

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