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Granite blocks of stone Stand vigil all alone Lean as if in prayer Forever Where seldom footsteps tread Here among the dead Memories interred Forgotten Faithful through the years Where long bereft of tears Remnants of a past Lay silent … Continue reading

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Life’s Voyage

As a young man I cast off my line and sailed into life’s sea My destination was unknown, just happy to be free I oft sailed troubled waters, furling sails til the time when I’d ridden out the turbulence and … Continue reading

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I watched you when you did it I saw what you had done But too scared to admit it My decision was to run Pretend it never happened Push it from my conscious mind Your motive never questioned Leave the … Continue reading

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Ideas, like tinder Lay dry and fallow Until the steel of inspiration Strikes the flint of expression Igniting the spark Of creativity From the archives Feb 2015

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Before me A petulant sea Approaches Like sodden soldiers Whitecaps March in lockstep Assault The granite coast Relentless pursuit Washing over Vanquished beaches Staking it’s claim Transgressions Challenged Resistance Renewed Gains relinquished The sea retreats Seeking the horizon Breakers murmur … Continue reading

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Walk With Me

In the magic of the morning When the day is yet to be When the sun has just awoken Walk with me Through the days that I am given While I dream of what might be Will you join my … Continue reading

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The Greatest Sounds I Never Heard

The greatest sounds I never heard The sweet kiss of a child Communication without words The power of a smile Snow falling On a sylvan field Heads bent in silent prayer The touch Of anothers hand To let me know … Continue reading

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