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Picture This

Yesterday, I decided to scratch an itch I have had for a while now. Over the years, while writing this blog, I have frequently incorporated pictures that I have taken with my cell phone camera. I love doing this and … Continue reading

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For Every Action

It has been a long and often dreary winter. For most of it, we were spared a lot of snow, but the cold and winds were biting. Plus, as is always the case, in the winter, our days end at … Continue reading

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Winter Rain

The winter winds sing To the teardrops of rain That cling to barren limbs Frozen boughs In cloaks of ice Whisper their displeasure Darkness descends Through solemn hours Life suspended, waiting A new sun smiles Crystals dance like gypsies The … Continue reading

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Wintry Day

Mother Nature is knocking on my door.  Can”t blame her.  It is 7 degrees out there.  With wind chill, it feels like -12 degrees.  Guess I’ll just have to grab a book and settle down next to the fire.

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Winter In Maine

Here are a few of the sights I awoke to this morning.  Mother Nature sure knows how to throw a party.

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  On my way to the village the other day, while passing Crystal Lake, I was struck by the calm.  The water, totally devoid of movement created a perfect pallet for the sky to recreate itself.  I had to stop … Continue reading

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Colorful Quotes

  “Colours are nature gone wild.” ― Raheel Farooq

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Colorful Quotes

  Color is music for the eyes Bob Quigley  

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Colorful Quotes

  “Color is to the soul what food is to the body.” ― Zola Lawrence 

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Colorful Quotes

“When you give someone a gift of color, you’re giving a gift of love,” ― Anthony T. Hincks

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