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Presents Under The Tree

    Scooter waiting for Santa Paws Advertisements

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Cold Snowy Night

Took the dogs out about midnight last night.  It had been snowing again. This time, it was the heavy wet stuff that sticks to the branches. Also the kind that knocks out your power. The dogs loved it though.  Both … Continue reading

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I live in a secluded subdivision of about 70 homes tucked into a wooded area with meandering streets.  Each morning, I take my dogs, one at a time, for a walk around part of it.  It is quiet save for … Continue reading

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Every Dog Should Own A Person

I don’t know when I first realized that I was not in charge.  It wasn’t long after we brought home the first puppy.  She was so cute, so helpless.  As any proud new parents would do, we fawned over her. … Continue reading

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I watch him waken from his nap Stretching, rolling, finally standing He looks about Searching for his newest challenge The little tail in constant animation The stubby legs running, stumbling Chasing all that moves A brief pause to sample flora … Continue reading

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Lookin’ For Santa Paws

Over the years, I have mentally divided the population into two groups.  Those that love animals, and everyone else.  And among those that do, I have had the pleasure of meeting many that I call Animal Angels.  The people that … Continue reading

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You think this is soooo funny, don’t you. Well, it’s NOT funny at all Buster. I see you laying there with your bone pretending you’re asleep, but I know better. I know you pushed the door shut when you thought … Continue reading

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