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Before me A petulant sea Approaches Like sodden soldiers Whitecaps March in lockstep Assault The granite coast Relentless pursuit Washing over Vanquished beaches Staking it’s claim Transgressions Challenged Resistance Renewed Gains relinquished The sea retreats Seeking the horizon Breakers murmur … Continue reading

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Migrant breezes trip past My skipping craft Captured only briefly By unfurled sails Waves rhythmically Attack a determined bow Fists of foam clutch at A passive hull The perfume of the sea Permeates my senses Gulls circle, scolding Protesting my … Continue reading

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Rusted hulls neath salty fathoms Vanquished by a fickle sea Skeletons of yesterday Reminders of what used to be Once proud ships long since forgotten For years have laid beneath the tide Memories of their staid tradition Now forever locked … Continue reading

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Foggy Morn

I’m not sure where today is.  It was here before it became yesterday.  But this morning has yet to appear.  Oh I can hear it, and I can feel it.  I know it is there.  I just can’t see it. … Continue reading

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