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The Trunk

Patricia ambled aimlessly down the crooked aisles of the dark and dusty antique shop. She wasn’t looking for anything specific. Actually, she wasn’t looking for anything at all. She had come into the city to do some shopping when the … Continue reading

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The Escape

When the last dishes were washed and had been consigned to their proper places in the cupboard, she smoothed the pleats of her apron, and finally allowed herself a few moments to sit down.  She could hear the soft banter … Continue reading

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Like A Willow

Like a willow in the wind Life moves without direction Responding to a subtle nudge From the hand of choice Guided by conviction Coaxed by opportunity Hardened by failure Heartened by success Without intervention Destinations unfold Where will it all … Continue reading

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Small World

A week or so ago, a friend sent me a video that was designed to put into perspective just how small our world is in relation the the entire (as we know it) solar system.  It was rather humbling when … Continue reading

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Rusted hulls neath salty fathoms Vanquished by a fickle sea Skeletons of yesterday Reminders of what used to be Once proud ships long since forgotten For years have laid beneath the tide Memories of their staid tradition Now forever locked … Continue reading

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Sandy’s Place

Eddie reached across the cab of the eighteen wheeler and grabbed the thermos of coffee. It had been several hours since he had stopped for a break and the monotony of the road was becoming mesmerizing. He knew he was … Continue reading

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