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Music In My Heart

An infants grip upon my finger A puppies nibble on my ear A maidens glance that tends to linger Friendships that so long endear Quiet moments spent together Dappled sunshine in the wood Children’s laughter on the heather Words unspoken … Continue reading

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Colorful Quotes

The guitar is a small orchestra. It is polyphonic. Every string is a different color, a different voice. Andres Segovia  

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Music To My Ears

Well I’ll be.  There it is.  I knew it didn’t get thrown out.  My old harmonica.  I haven’t seen this since when? Since we moved here I think.  Ten years.  Doesn’t seem possible. I have never ever been able to … Continue reading

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Dancing With Life

This, up until now in his young life, was probably the scariest thing he had ever done.  Not that he hadn’t been scared before.  This had been going on since he was twelve and his mother had sent him to … Continue reading

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Any of you that have read my stuff, even occasionally, no doubt know that I am a lover of pets aka dogs and cats.  Over the years we have had a mix of thirteen that we have hosted.  I say … Continue reading

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A Joyful Noise

I have to admit that one of the advantages of blogging is that you get to read so many great posts published by other bloggers.  An example is the blog offered by Nigel G and that of Laurie In the case … Continue reading

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