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Only the gentle hands of love can catch a falling heart Advertisements

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Marriage Is

After 54 years of marriage, I think I may have finally stumbled on a subject that I actually  know a little bit about.  Not much, but a little.  Oh sure, I have written some tongue in cheek blogs about relationships, … Continue reading

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No One Is Perfect

Perfection Eludes the mortal Shortcomings dwell Within us all Passions, perceptions Cloud the quest Words, actions Tarnish the soul No one is perfect So it would seem Until the day You fall in love

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Don’t Forget To Say I Love You

Valentines Day!!!  The day of the year when a woman’s thoughts turn to romance and a man’s thoughts turn to getting lucky.  As a veteran of many Valentines Days past, I can tell you, it is not quite that easy.  … Continue reading

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Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days when we strolled through the heather Gone is the laughter we shared Back when our days were spent most together Back when for each other we cared Time was cruel when it played with our heartstrings … Continue reading

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Please Just Say Something

Please, just say something I can’t stand the silence Yell at me, anything But please don’t just sit there I was going to tell you That’s a lie, I wasn’t I didn’t want to hurt you That’s just an excuse, … Continue reading

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“Good morning Mr Nelson” the nurse says cheerily to the old man sitting in the wheelchair.  “Would you two like me to open the drapes and let a little sun shine in?  It’s another beautiful day.” “Yes, yes, please do.  … Continue reading

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