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Kramer’s Korner

Well, fearless followers, it is time for celebration. Yup. Party time. Why you ask? Because yesterday, I reached another milestone. That’s right. I turned two years old. I can’t say it has been easy, training Bob and all, but at … Continue reading

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Sunday Smiles

Most mornings when I have a chance to sit down at my laptop, I can count on there being at least one or two cartoons, jokes, or funny stories waiting for me.  Seldom are the days when there is nothing.  … Continue reading

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A Little More Virus Levity

So, let me get this straight.  There is no cure for a virus that can be KILLED by sanitizer and hand soap. I see a big baby boom coming in 9 months. They will be called the C-19 Babies and … Continue reading

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Kindness From A Window Washer

This morning, my cousin sent me an MP4 video called Kindness From A Window Washer.  I had seen it before and was moved by it.  I wanted to share it with you then, but my free WordPress blog does not … Continue reading

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Fractured Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, it’s told In a castle on a hill Lived a lonely Princess Alas, she lives there still It seems that her prince charming Left her to opine About her unrequited love Left dying on the vine … Continue reading

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I received these in my email this morning.  More quarantine humor.  Good for a laugh, maybe just a smile. But good nonetheless. I’m as bored as an Amish electrician Ontario has banned groups larger then 5.  If you’re a family … Continue reading

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Have You Heard The One About

Trying to put a positive spin on today’s environment is kind of like taking a course entitled ‘Fun With Forensics’.  It’s probably not going to be fun at all and you are really only worried about getting a passing grade.  … Continue reading

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When All Else Fails, Laugh

I was born in the late 30’s, so there was a war on and, although I didn’t know it, times were tough.  Food and many other things were rationed.  I now marvel at my mother’s ability to take what little … Continue reading

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Lighten Up

Ah yes.  Another day.  Monday I think.  Not sure as they all kind of run together anymore.  The only thing that distinguishes one from the next is the weather.  But that is outside, so I don’t have to deal with … Continue reading

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You May Be A Mainer If

For years I have enjoyed Jeff Foxworthy’s predictions about whether or not you may be a redneck.  His wit allowed him to poke a little fun at those that populate the Southern climes of the states. I guess I thought … Continue reading

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