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About Face

Monday was a ‘feeling out’ day. Maine went mask-less on May 24th, and I for one was ready. However, just because our Gov said it was OK, with reservations of course, didn’t mean that every business, and/or person, had signed … Continue reading

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Striking Out

I glanced across the dance floor and saw her standing thereI saw her looking straight at me and I tried not to stare I was kind of shy back then, for girlfriends I had noneSo when I saw her look … Continue reading

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The Teddy Bear

The teddy bear sits all alone On the shelf where he was thrown Long ago by a child fair Who no longer visits there The little girl has grown Each day watching on his own Through his button eyes once … Continue reading

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Things My Parents Taught Me

This morning I opened my email and was pleasantly surprised by one that was sent to me by an also 60+ friend.  Not only did I get a chuckle, but a reminder of the way life was when I was … Continue reading

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Today’s Date Is

The other day, while I sat sharing my porch with a malt beverage, as so often happens, I got to thinking and, as you know, most of you anyway, thinking and drinking are not exactly cut from the same cloth.  … Continue reading

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When Old Is New

I have pretty much concluded that, at my age, a lot of today’s technology has kind of passed me by.  There is so much going on that I don’t understand at all.  For instance, I just saw an ad for … Continue reading

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Kindness From A Window Washer

This morning, my cousin sent me an MP4 video called Kindness From A Window Washer.  I had seen it before and was moved by it.  I wanted to share it with you then, but my free WordPress blog does not … Continue reading

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Sliding Into Home Plate

It’s funny, you know, when I think back on it. Seventy years ago, I was ten.  My world was the neighborhood. Several blocks of people that all had names and homes and in some cases kids.  I played with a … Continue reading

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The Challenge

The old man sat in his chair, a book in his lap, but mostly dozing in the silence of the room.  It was his room, since he had come to live with his son and daughter in law.  It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Oh What A Night

I live in a little town in southern Maine with a population somewhere in the range of 9000.  As such, although they don’t roll the sidewalks up at nine o’clock, it is a pretty safe bet that if there are … Continue reading

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