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Just As Easy As That

Frequently, I will read about or see pictures of ingenious solutions people have come up with to resolve a problem. Some are obvious fabrications developed from whatever materials are on hand to solve a specific problem, while others have been … Continue reading

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We Meet Again

Retirement can be a scary thing.  When you walk out the door for the last time, there is a sense of loss, or, more appropriately, a sense that for the first time in virtually your entire adult life, you are … Continue reading

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I Resolve

Well, here we are.  Ready to dip our toes into a new year.  I can’t say I am too excited, since I wasn’t too crazy about the last one.  But, it is almost over and being the eternal optimist that … Continue reading

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You Know You’re In Maine If

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The Great Cookie Caper

I admittedly have a sweet tooth.  More like a full set actually.  I can’t say I crave sweets, but if they are in the house, I will find them.  Particularly if it’s a cookie. I love cookies.  Any kind.  So … Continue reading

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Everything You Never Wanted To Know

I came across an article the other day that enumerated a bunch of obscure facts.  Well, I think they were facts.  In reality, some of them sounded kind of fishy, but perhaps they were written by lawyers and are therefore … Continue reading

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Slowin Down

“You are following much to closely” she says.  She is right.  She is always right because I am always doing it.  I don’t know why.  It is one of those unconscious things that just feels right when I know it … Continue reading

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You Have A Right To Remain Silent

I don’t like doctors.  I don’t mean personally.  I have had a couple that have been really nice.  I guess what I mean is, I don’t like what they say and do.  I have yet to have one of them … Continue reading

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The Funny Side of Reality

I once heard a story about a person that was having their garage door opener replaced.  They told the repairman that they thought they would need a least a 1/2 horsepower motor.  The repairman said he didn’t think that was … Continue reading

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The Days Of Wine And Noses

I don’t remember when I had my first sip of wine, but I do remember that it was not favorable.  It was dry and tart.  Not at all what I would expect from a respectable grape.  But, as young men … Continue reading

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