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As I read this, I find it amusing in a way.  At the end, I will tell you why. What is time?  Is it some bold demon which rushes us around, forever pushing and shoving us unrelentlessly?  Something to be … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know That

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy occasions when I come across an interesting statistic or two, the more obscure the better.  The other day, a friend sent me a few. A variety of things I had not known … Continue reading

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A Touch Of Trivia

I have always had a love of trivia and more specifically, stories that enlighten me as to where popular phrases came from.  I know some should be taken with a grain of salt (why do we say that?), but most … Continue reading

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The American Dream

Windowless facades gape With saddened eyes Cracked sidewalks Hopscotch and hope Remnants of yesterday Once vibrant streets vacant Life but whispers on the wind Weed filled lots Host rusted skeletons That slumber there  Trees, like old friends Embrace the decay … Continue reading

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The Funeral

I have to go to a funeral next week.  I don’t want to go, but then, who, if they had a choice, would want to attend one.  It is not that it is sad, per se, which it is.  It … Continue reading

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Shaking The Family Tree

When I am not sitting on my porch, solving today’s list of pithy problems, I like to spend time figuring out who I am.  No, that’s not right.  I know who I am, or think I am.  I want to … Continue reading

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 Atop the creaky stairs up to the attic Dim light peeks through grimy windows Cobwebs, natures lace, abound. A chest, long forgotten Maternity clothes stored  Expectations never met Phonograph records Songs and singers Music of my youth Faded photos Yesterday in … Continue reading

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