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10000 Steps

“229” he said. “You’ve got to be kidding” I said. “I’ve never weighed that much”. “Well, you do now.  It wouldn’t hurt you to lose a little weight.  Especially with your diabetes”. That conversation took place about a month ago … Continue reading

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You Have A Right To Remain Silent

I don’t like doctors.  I don’t mean personally.  I have had a couple that have been really nice.  I guess what I mean is, I don’t like what they say and do.  I have yet to have one of them … Continue reading

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And You Thought It Was Just Me

Finally, someone has made sense out of it all.  And the results are not surprising.  I’ve suspected it all along.  I just never could prove it.  I’m talking about some of the side effects to the aging process.  You know … Continue reading

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It’s Only a Dog

I sat there in the examination room with Scooter, while he wandered around lobbying for more doggie treats liberally provided by an adoring staff, waiting with guarded anticipation for the return of the vet.  She steps back in, nodding in … Continue reading

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Sweat Of The Devil

John sat in his cramped office, staring at the wall of windows, watching the rain carve it’s designs on the tinted glass.  He didn’t like the rain.  There was something sad about it.  The ‘sweat of the devil’ he called … Continue reading

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Exercise Is Overated

Since I am a little short for my weight, I was thinking about starting the new year by getting in a little better shape.  That, in and of itself, caused me to break a sweat.  I am not, nor have … Continue reading

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And The Circle Goes Round and Round

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece relative to the good citizens of Portland, Maine passing by a large margin, the right for anyone over 21 to legally carry up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana.  Over 70% of … Continue reading

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