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What Price Freedom

I have long been a student of the Civil War.  A time when, not unlike today, our nation stood divided.  Strongly held beliefs forcing the population into a state of denial that we could continue to exist as a nation … Continue reading

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All About Nothing

I‘m having one of those fidgety days.  You know the ones.  You can’t sit still, but can’t decide what you want to do.  Preferably something different, but you have no idea what.  You have a hankering to write something, but … Continue reading

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Not again he thought silently, slightly shaking his head as if warning them off.  Sounds, unintelligible, always lurking just beyond comprehension.  ‘Leave me alone’ he thought.  I already have enough problems without you adding to them. “What do you want”?  … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure

I never saw it coming. It never even occurred to me that I would be seen as one of “them”. I have been around a long time and have watched my nation and our world continue to evolve. And I, … Continue reading

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The Vet

I slammed the car door and ran across the parking lot, stamping the slush off of my boots before entering the McDonald’s.  The thermometer was hovering around eight degrees and a cup of steaming hot coffee sounded really good.  I … Continue reading

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The Color Of Reality

I read this morning that General Mills is embroiled in a big flap over a commercial they have just started airing.  It is for their Cheerios brand cereal and, heaven forbid, features an interracial couple and a biracial child.  For … Continue reading

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