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Daisy Claus

When I was just a little guy And Christmas time grew near Each day my excitement grew But my Mother made it clear Santa Claus would only come To houses with good boys If I didn’t do my chores I … Continue reading

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Silence wraps itself around my senses Soundless visions tiptoe through my mind In my world, sound has been suspended I hear your voice only with my eyes Words are only shapes when they are spoken Taking form because of what I see … Continue reading

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Just A Volunteer

Might you be her son, she askedEach week I see you hereOh no, she’s not my Mom I saidI’m just a volunteer Do you know how much she waitsFor the day that you arriveHow she listens for your voiceHer senses … Continue reading

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Did You Ever

Did you ever walk in sunshine, following a rain Did you ever hold a loved one when you knew they were in pain Did you ever smile at someone just because you could Did you ever hug a little child … Continue reading

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Music In My Heart

An infants grip upon my finger A puppies nibble on my ear A maidens glance that tends to linger Friendships that so long endear Quiet moments spent together Dappled sunshine in the wood Children’s laughter on the heather Words unspoken … Continue reading

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Nature’s Haiku

When the sun anoints The smallest of Natures gifts New beauty is found

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Our alphabet has twenty six All words use at least one And if we didn’t have them No writing would get done I’ve used them all forever Some often and some less But if I were to pick one It … Continue reading

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A Good Day

When I swung out of bed this morning, it was nothing special.  The semi dark room was no different then it is any other day.  My expectations were nothing special either.  Nothing said that this day was going to be … Continue reading

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Sunday Silence

It is Sunday morning and I am sitting here, on the computer, looking for something to do.  I have made the bed, taken my shower, unloaded the dishwasher, read the paper, prepared some leftovers from last night for the freezer, … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

  Walk across the frozen fields Inhale the frosty air Nap before a blazing fire Tall stories that we share Etching angels in the snow Reward the inner child   Wage a friendly snowball fight Obsess, let joy run wild … Continue reading

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