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Stained Glass

A shattered rainbow Kaleidoscopic crystals Placed by Gods hand Seduced by the sun Molten colors spill upon the floor

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Mason Jars

Stored upon old dusty shelves In the bosom of our home Await the bounty of last season Summers yield from fertile earth Through barren months sustain  

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Midnight Hour

Long since the veil of Nyx Was drawn across the vestiges of day When what is, became what was Cloaking indiscretions past The solemn  hours steal memories Intrude upon form and fantasy Soften and shape the world Hiding the worst … Continue reading

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And as he closed the door On an outer world Infused with doubt and fear He turned to look anew Upon what now remained Within this edifice This wooden womb Exists his survival Alone among millions Surrounded by none But … Continue reading

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Winter Rain

The winter winds sing To the teardrops of rain That cling to barren limbs Frozen boughs In cloaks of ice Whisper their displeasure Darkness descends Through solemn hours Life suspended, waiting A new sun smiles Crystals dance like gypsies The … Continue reading

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The Lie

The Lie Such a little thing Strung between two hearts Concealed in silence That which is unknown cannot hurt Not both at least Just one heart stricken It will not stay silent It will be heard Then two hearts broken … Continue reading

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I stand at the juncture of yesterday and tomorrow, Knowing not which to embrace. The weight of years tilts the scale toward the past, Providing the comfort of the known My tomorrows however, as they are revealed Will compel my … Continue reading

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The Butterfly

Another butterfly, colors dappled, enters, flying gracefully heavenward.  I just kneel, looking, mesmerized. Natures overture plays quietly.  Restless, suddenly thrusting upward, variegated wings exit, youthfully zooming. I wrote this years ago for a contest that required you to use all … Continue reading

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Eulogy To Summer

  The trees are naked now Branches shiver in the wind Bold strokes of orange Paint the purple sky Brittle grasses cling together Backs turned to the chill Like monks at prayer Clad in cloaks of brown Landscapes in decline … Continue reading

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Early Morning Row

When morning calls Before the cloak of night is fully lifted I stand alone with God and his creation Listen to the silence that will become today Breathe in the pureness of the moment And revel in the beauty He … Continue reading

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