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Winter Rain

The winter winds sing To the teardrops of rain That cling to barren limbs Frozen boughs In cloaks of ice Whisper their displeasure Darkness descends Through solemn hours Life suspended, waiting A new sun smiles Crystals dance like gypsies The … Continue reading

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Run Ignore the smoke of fear Be not afraid Run Midst the debris of hate Do not look back Run A saddened nation cheers you A shaken world observes Run Shed not tears of despair You will not be defeated … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Cookies placed Stockings hung Tired eyes Struggle Anticipation Footsteps on the roof Excitement suspended “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

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The American Dream

Windowless facades gape With saddened eyes Cracked sidewalks Hopscotch and hope Remnants of yesterday Once vibrant streets vacant Life but whispers on the wind Weed filled lots Host rusted skeletons That slumber there  Trees, like old friends Embrace the decay … Continue reading

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Night Walk

Rain slicked streets glistenNeath yellow stains of lightSilent save the splashOf random steel phaetonsMoving stealthily to or from Goddesses of the darkWait in the shadowsDressed to enticeStreet seductionPainted faces, pasted smiles Paradise CafeSentry of the cityNeon lightsCrackle, flickerSuggest safe harbor … Continue reading

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 Atop the creaky stairs up to the attic Dim light peeks through grimy windows Cobwebs, natures lace, abound. A chest, long forgotten Maternity clothes stored  Expectations never met Phonograph records Songs and singers Music of my youth Faded photos Yesterday in … Continue reading

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The Lie

Such a little thing Strung between two hearts Concealed in silence That which is unknown cannot hurt Not both at least Just one heart stricken It will not stay silent It will be heard Then two hearts broken Scars heal … Continue reading

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