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We Are What We Eat

I’m sure most if not all of you have heard the old saying “You Are What You Eat”. Well, I would like to add to that “I Am Also What I Don’t Eat”. Since going on a low carb diet … Continue reading

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Going Into A Stall

I guess every family has their folklore and stories that have been passed down. One of the favorites in my late wife’s family involved my father in law. In his younger years, he was an officer in the Civil Air … Continue reading

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So, How’s That Keto Thing Going?

As any of you that follow me know, back in early January, I decided to go on a diet. Not unlike the thousands of people that, on New Years Eve, while basking in a pleasant alcoholic haze, said “this year … Continue reading

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All God’s Children

Yesterday the Humane Society Shelter where I volunteer held its Christmas Dinner for all the homeless animals. Volunteers cooked, baked, and prepared healthy foods for all the residents, be they dogs, cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs. Even a couple of … Continue reading

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What’s My Line

If there is one thing I learned in the Air Force, it was how to stand in lines.  At first I was fidgety, until I was firmly corrected by a guy with a lot of stripes on his arm.  So … Continue reading

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Thinking Inside The Box

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  That may be true, but if it is, necessity must have a sister named curiosity.  I mean, a lot of the stuff I do, without a lot of thought I might … Continue reading

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In Pursuit Of The Perfect Pizza

It has been a while since I posted anything relative to my prowess in the kitchen.  This is partly because my menus have not been exactly culinary delights, leaning heavily on easy recipes.  It is also because I have a … Continue reading

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Rolling In Dough

When I first got into this cooking thing, it was merely as a means of survival.  I wanted to continue to enjoy delicious hot meals that were worthy of “the big kitchen” even if not quite up to the standards … Continue reading

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Going To Pot

Although I am relatively new to this cooking thing, one thing I learned to do somewhere along the line was to cook spaghetti.  I’m just talking the pasta here, not the sauce.  I never had to worry about the sauce, … Continue reading

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Come Fry With Me

“Do we really need it” she asked. “Probably not” I said.  “But, it might be nice to have”. “I don’t know.  From what I have seen, it looks like a lot of money to heat up some french fries” she … Continue reading

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