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Full Disclosure

I never saw it coming. It never even occurred to me that I would be seen as one of “them”. I have been around a long time and have watched my nation and our world continue to evolve. And I, … Continue reading

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But Now I See

This morning I read a post called “Perceptions” written by blogger “Butterfly Sand” about disabilities and how they can be perceived by strangers and casual acquaintances.  It bears an important message.  As such, I am republishing this post I made … Continue reading

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In A Darkened Room

In a darkened room Where movement is But heard or felt Contact incidental Sounds without shape See only with our minds In a darkened room All are the same Bodies without bias Opinions vetted Ideas exchanged Between unseen sources In … Continue reading

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The More Things Change….

As is my custom, each morning, first thing, I walk down to the street and retrieve the newspaper.  As I walk back up the driveway, I scan the headlines to see what new crisis awaits my purview.  You will note … Continue reading

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Who’s On First

If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it. Mark Twain Someone once said that arguing with a woman is like reading a Software License Agreement.  In the end, you ignore everything and click “I agree”.  To me, … Continue reading

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Saying It Forward

I read with some enthusiasm this morning the Kindness Blog, in which a challenge was issued.  Specifically, for one year, to consciously think about what you are going to say before you say it to give yourself the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Observations On Observations

Have you noticed that there are virtually no news stories anymore that are not accompanied by a short video taken by either a bystander or a security cam?  I try not to think about it often as it so smacks … Continue reading

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