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A Matter Of Perspective

  I slid open the drapes that concealed the doors to the deck and looked out at what I termed a sorry excuse for a morning. It was ugly. A fog hung in the air only adding to the gloom. … Continue reading

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Stained Glass

A shattered rainbow Kaleidoscopic crystals Placed by Gods hand Seduced by the sun Molten colors spill upon the floor

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Nature’s Haiku

When the sun anoints The smallest of Natures gifts New beauty is found

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Sing Me A Picture

Sing me a picture Paint me a song With shades and hues of verse Pale pastels for lyrics To color your words In shapes and patterns diverse Sing me a picture Paint me a song Dark pigments to accent the … Continue reading

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Autumn Haiku

 Birches always first To grasp the hand of Autumn Flaunt their leaves of gold

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Harmony Haiku

From the earth a vine Rises to embrace the tree Arms around each other  

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Popcorn Sky Haiku

Entrance of the morn A virgin day ascending Neath a popcorn sky

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The Window

The coughing spasm came again, causing a fire in his chest and compromising his already ragged breath.  When at last it passed, he laid there, physically drained.  It would be a while before his breathing returned to normal and he … Continue reading

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Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures

So, what do you think?  Actually, how do you think?  I had never given that question much thought, or any at all for that matter, until, while reading an article, I was confronted with it.  Specifically, it asked if I … Continue reading

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If At First

Over the years, I have painted and/or papered more rooms then I care to remember.  In fact, in my current home, I have painted every room once, several twice, and a couple three times.  For some reason, my wife always … Continue reading

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