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R olling down a grassy slope E ducing screams of pure delight M aking pies composed of mud E recting castles in the sand M agic puddles lure small feet B ugs of all design examine E nergy without remission … Continue reading

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Fifty Cent Memories

Sitting on the back steps, I could hear the music, and when it got dark, I could see the lights.  Actually, I could see their glow in the sky above the trees.  To a little boy, it was a magical … Continue reading

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A Child Outside

Chalk it up to age I guess, but I often find myself comparing today’s environment to that in which I lived as a kid.  Everything was new and exciting then.  Discovery was there for the taking and take it we … Continue reading

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The old man sat with eyes closed, dozing in his chair Until a little voice he heard say “Grandpa, are you there?” He gazed upon the little boy while waking from his nap Then reached down with a sweeping move … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Cookies placed Stockings hung Tired eyes Struggle Anticipation Footsteps on the roof Excitement suspended “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

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Welcome Home

She sits alone before the massive windows of the terminal, staring absently at the tarmac.  Silently she waits, radiating an air of calm introspection.  It is not until one draws closer that they can see past the ramrod straight back … Continue reading

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The Old School

  It is quiet now as I sit here looking around, surrounded by history.  It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I am taking a turn as a volunteer guide at the old Dry Mills One Room Schoolhouse.  It is … Continue reading

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