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Let Him Dig

Why is it that men, myself included, have so much trouble asking for assistance, or directions. For some reason, we seem to be missing a gene that precludes us from ever seeking advice. This is not to say we won’t … Continue reading

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Life’s Voyage

As a young man I cast off my line and sailed into life’s sea My destination was unknown, just happy to be free I oft sailed troubled waters, furling sails til the time when I’d ridden out the turbulence and … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Heroes

I repost this every year in remembrance of Memorial Day as a thank you to all the men and women of the military that so unselfishly give of themselves to guarantee our freedom and safety. I salute you. “Excuse me” … Continue reading

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Love is the hand that touches another’s heart Love is laughing for no reason other than you want to Love is saying silly things and not caring who hears them Love is a feeling that you are better when you … Continue reading

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Living Through

I am still wrestling with the recent loss of my beloved wife.  It is still early.  I understand that.  It is still a raw and open wound.  Too fresh to have begun healing.  Still bandaged in grief. They say there … Continue reading

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Ain’t Got that Lovin’ Peelin

As any of you that have read me knows, back around the first of the year, I decided to try my hand in the kitchen.  I had for some time performed the role of prep chef.  All the chopping and … Continue reading

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Not Your Grandmothers Buick

The last time I renewed my drivers license, I watched a woman, perhaps a daughter, take an elderly man by the arm and help him walk to the window when their number was called. Since I don’t think you have … Continue reading

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