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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again to all my friends and fans. Kramer here. Someone said Summer is around here somewhere, but except for one day, I haven’t seen it. I hope that wasn’t the whole thing. There are so many things I want … Continue reading

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About Face

Monday was a ‘feeling out’ day. Maine went mask-less on May 24th, and I for one was ready. However, just because our Gov said it was OK, with reservations of course, didn’t mean that every business, and/or person, had signed … Continue reading

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Signs Of The Times

I have always been a visual person. By that I mean, I have a tendency to observe, well, everything. My wife was fond of saying that I had the world’s largest collection of minutia. She may have been right. I … Continue reading

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Degrees of Reality

There was a time when, if someone I knew well, told me something, I would accept it on face value. I had no reason to believe it was not true, or at least accurate. There was no reason for this … Continue reading

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It’s Not About The Size of The Ball

I have been watching, as have many of us, the movement of politics into sports. There was a time that I watched sports to get away from politics, but today, you tolerate them in order to watch a game. Any … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again and welcome to Spring, finally. Well, at least it is a little warmer then it has been and all the trees are in bloom, and the motorcycles and mosquitos are back. I love this time of year because … Continue reading

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Love Thy Neighbor

I have lived in this house for seventeen, going on 18 years.  It is on a short dead end street. in a heavily wooded area.  Heavy enough that the other four neighbors on my street are totally hidden from view.  … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again friends and followers. Kramer here with another fascinating episode in the life of the world’s most famous Pekinese. Well, maybe not famous, but certainly well known. It has been another two weeks since we chatted and what a … Continue reading

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