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Kentucky Girl

 She was a Kentucky girlBred from champion stockProud and beautiful to seeFrom her head to her fetlock Her body was magnificentSixteen hands in sizeA shiny, rippling chestnut coatWhite blaze between her eyes I could see she was a yearlingShe never … Continue reading

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Hindsight Is 2020

I saw the attached on an email sent to me this morning.  It puts to rhyme the year that we have just survived and points to a future, ideologically, that is a return to a different, but better life then … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Ho Ho and Hello. It’s Kramer here with another fascinating chapter of my always interesting life. I’ll start with our Christmas as I did not know what to expect and I’ve got to say it wasn’t all bad. Bob did … Continue reading

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All God’s Children

Yesterday the Humane Society Shelter where I volunteer held its Christmas Dinner for all the homeless animals. Volunteers cooked, baked, and prepared healthy foods for all the residents, be they dogs, cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs. Even a couple of … Continue reading

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Life In A Glass

The sum of years race past her eyesFaces, places, loved, despisedTender feelings, broken heartsLies unspoken, well played parts  All collected in this glassWith amber liquid mixed, alasThe burning feeling has begunHer thoughts caress what she has done  On her cheek, … Continue reading

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December 21

Several years ago, after having moved back to Maine, we received a phone call about 4:15 in the afternoon. It was from a good friend and former neighbor from when we lived in Houston, Texas. After exchanging pleasantry’s she asked … Continue reading

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In Celebration of Him, and Her

Well, it is done. Again this year I trudged into the basement closet and located the boxes of Christmas that reside there. My wife was always a holiday person. It made no difference which one it was. As one would … Continue reading

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Daisy Claus

When I was just a little guy And Christmas time grew near Each day my excitement grew But my Mother made it clear Santa Claus would only come To houses with good boys If I didn’t do my chores I … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again to all my readers. Boy, time goes fast when you are having fun. And I have been having some. A week ago, as part of his volunteer duties at the Humane Society, Bob was asked to drive a … Continue reading

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The Escape

When the last dishes were washed and had been consigned to their proper places in the cupboard, she smoothed the pleats of her apron, and finally allowed herself a few moments to sit down.  She could hear the soft banter … Continue reading

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