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Masked Motives Unmasked

On Oct 26 I entered a post about a situation I encountered, make that created, while shopping at our local grocery store.  Specifically, with full mask and ball cap pulled low, I noticed a shopper, also masked, that looked very … Continue reading

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Masked Motives

Well, it had to happen I guess.  And it finally did.  I kind of knew it was just a matter of time because I have a difficult time being quiet.  But it has always been that way.  I have a … Continue reading

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Sunday Smiles

Most mornings when I have a chance to sit down at my laptop, I can count on there being at least one or two cartoons, jokes, or funny stories waiting for me.  Seldom are the days when there is nothing.  … Continue reading

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Saw This On My Way Home

Best Political Yard Sign Ever

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The Old Mill

The pristine stream through fertile lands Spills oer the sluice where the old mill stands The tides of time upon it fall With feet of stone and weathered wall Where once the mighty water wheel Powered the stone that ground … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Greetings once again fellow bloggers and readers. Kramer here with another installment of news from the canine kingdom. The picture is of me again helping Bob with the wash. He had told me that I could no longer burrow in … Continue reading

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What A Great Gift

What a great gift, my thanks to youFor heartfelt smiles, all that you doA whispered word, my doubts belieNot when I lose, but when I tryI learned to fly, because of you When I was down, somehow I knewYou would … Continue reading

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The first time I saw his picture on the web, I was in love. I little Cocker Spaniel named Scooter, about one year old, was down in Arkansas looking for a forever home. After talking it over with my wife, … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Greeting all you Kramerites.  It has been rather an eventful two weeks.  First of all, I have now had two obedience classes, but more about that later.  The big news is what I will call the Great Escape. A week … Continue reading

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