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The Teddy Bear

The teddy bear sits all alone On the shelf where he was thrown Long ago by a child fair Who no longer visits there The little girl has grown Each day watching on his own Through his button eyes once … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Greetings all my faithful fans.  Kramer here.  It has been another two weeks, and I don’t know where they went.  I’ve just been kicking around, doing all my normal stuff.  We did go to the pub a couple of times … Continue reading

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What Price Freedom

I have long been a student of the Civil War.  A time when, not unlike today, our nation stood divided.  Strongly held beliefs forcing the population into a state of denial that we could continue to exist as a nation … Continue reading

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All About Nothing

I‘m having one of those fidgety days.  You know the ones.  You can’t sit still, but can’t decide what you want to do.  Preferably something different, but you have no idea what.  You have a hankering to write something, but … Continue reading

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When first we sense somethings missinAnd question our sense of cognitionCould it be, though we tryThat some things still go awryCause we talk when we should listen

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Stained Glass

A shattered rainbow Kaleidoscopic crystals Placed by Gods hand Seduced by the sun Molten colors spill upon the floor

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again to all my good friends.  This is Kramer up here in God’s country.  Well, what do you think of the new and improved me.  As I said last time, me and Scooter had a trip to the groomer … Continue reading

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Not again he thought silently, slightly shaking his head as if warning them off.  Sounds, unintelligible, always lurking just beyond comprehension.  ‘Leave me alone’ he thought.  I already have enough problems without you adding to them. “What do you want”?  … Continue reading

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Chick Magnet

I’m fortunate that I found a girl to love me early on so that I was off the market by the age of 22.  I say this because I wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire in the area of … Continue reading

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Did You Ever

Did you ever walk in sunshine, following a rain Did you ever hold a loved one when you knew they were in pain Did you ever smile at someone just because you could Did you ever hug a little child … Continue reading

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