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Cemetery Street

The pavement laid with cobbled stone Smoothed by the years, beneath my feet Greets me as I walk alone On Cemetery Street Behind the walls where death is sown Where souls of yesterday retreat And remnants of the past have … Continue reading

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A few years ago, we moved back to a little town in southern Maine, not too far from the old mill towns of Lewiston and Auburn.  I have visited the area often and am fascinated by the old mill buildings that still … Continue reading

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In The Rear View Mirror

I, like just about everyone else, look forward to the day we are staring at this virus thing in the rear view mirror, both literally and figuratively.  These last few weeks have taken it’s toll on us physically, mentally, and … Continue reading

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I remember as a lad being taught that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  Or, as I later learned, you could also say “interesting”.  It turns out that interesting can be a deceitful, or perhaps … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

I got up this morning feeling pretty good.  It was light out which meant that a new day was here and I had finally outlived yesterday.  Like everyone else, I am bored.  I mean, although I am a person that … Continue reading

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Midnight Hour

Long since the veil of Nyx Was drawn across the vestiges of day When what is, became what was Cloaking indiscretions past The solemn  hours steal memories Intrude upon form and fantasy Soften and shape the world Hiding the worst … Continue reading

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Spring Haiku

Such a little thing Small red buds upon a twig Springtime has begun

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Menu For Success

I saw this on an email I received this morning and thought it worthy of sharing.  I know we are all ready to blow this joint and break out into the world we long to see again.  And we will.  … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again all you passionate fans.  Kramer here.  Scooter is in the living room sawing some zzzzzz’s, Sophie is somewhere upstairs ignoring me, and Bob is doing, well, whatever the hell it is that Bob does.  I can tell you … Continue reading

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Life In Three Acts

The curtain slowly rises and you take center stage Looking out upon your audience, anxious to engage A new journey started, a performance just begun Starring in a new play, embarking on act one As the play progresses, you perfect … Continue reading

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