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Thinking Inside The Box

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  That may be true, but if it is, necessity must have a sister named curiosity.  I mean, a lot of the stuff I do, without a lot of thought I might … Continue reading

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Lighten Up

Ah yes.  Another day.  Monday I think.  Not sure as they all kind of run together anymore.  The only thing that distinguishes one from the next is the weather.  But that is outside, so I don’t have to deal with … Continue reading

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A Good Day

When I swung out of bed this morning, it was nothing special.  The semi dark room was no different then it is any other day.  My expectations were nothing special either.  Nothing said that this day was going to be … Continue reading

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 I sit within a darkened room Scant light assaults my eyes Another day is spent and gone Moments beyond reprise Shadows of what now is gone Wash across my face Caressing me with memories That I alone embrace I taste … Continue reading

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Kramer’s Korner

Hi.  I’m Kramer. Or at least I am now.  I used to be named TyRon or something like that.  Didn’t make much difference.  I didn’t answer to it anyway.  I do like Kramer better because I come by it kind … Continue reading

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So here I am.  Hunkered down in my home, patrolling the parameter from inside.  Making sure that no one, NO ONE, even the mailman or UPS guy is able to scale the parapets.  I am secure.  I am vigilant.  And, … Continue reading

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You’re Going To Do What?

Several months ago, before the current death star began hanging around my digs, I decided that I was spending too much time at home.  Little did I know it was a tutorial for things to come.  While everyone else was … Continue reading

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You May Be A Mainer If

For years I have enjoyed Jeff Foxworthy’s predictions about whether or not you may be a redneck.  His wit allowed him to poke a little fun at those that populate the Southern climes of the states. I guess I thought … Continue reading

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